Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Swept away again...

Marisa and Kendyl Olivia Milne
(Need I say anything more, except I love being an Oma!)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Time is a Speedy One!

How could it be over 5 weeks since I last talked on my blog? It is just so exciting to me that I am that busy!

So many blessings have come out of having an unpredictable body and illness. I am loving and savoring this season where I get to be in the lives of so many women at our church, leading and organizing and coaching and energizing the women's ministry leaders to love & trust God more and love & serve the women with all their hearts!

And then there are grand babies....I had an entire delightful week with our west coast kids, welcoming Kendyl Olivia into the world 2 weeks ago tonight! And I get to go over tomorrow again for several days to help out some more. Wish our east coast kids were close enough for some of the same more frequently, but I savor FaceTime conversations with them weekly, 'cause that's what I get!

It's interesting to be back in the ball game of life, at least for awhile. I almost have to relearn how to balance all the fun work with rest and recreation. I guess that's a good definition of work that is a fit, when it feels like play!

P ausing to savor everything I get to do, everyone I get to love, every beautiful thing
L ingering with those I love, especially my husband
A lways praying to Jesus with much gratitude
Y earning to maximize this season of descent health with joyful service to others