Wednesday, March 19, 2014


inspiring delight, pleasure, or admiration
extremely good

God is wonderful. Truly. Giving strength, wisdom, comfort.
Life is wonderfully good. Love, service, purpose.
Greg is amazingly wonderful. Kind, thoughtful, enjoyable.
Getting to be in the lives of our kids is delightfully wonderful. Heart warming.
And then there's becoming an Oma....yes, inspiring delight and pleasure! Recycling my favorite all-time job of being a mama.

Being healthy enough to get to be in women's lives at our church - wonderful again! Fulfilling.
Living in Bend, over-the-top wonderful....the stunning snow-covered mountains, crisp air, unending blue sky, fresh juniper scent.

Wonderful: learning how limited I am. How dependent I am on my God who is unlimited. Unlimited in power, in His love, in perfect wisdom. Hints of returning discomfort and disfunction of sorts in my body reminds me I am finite. That I am here for a purpose and it's not up to me. That I am to live on purpose every day.

I can live in the understandably wonderful, as well as in wonderful limitations. Because God is wonderful and his ways are wonderful and I trust Him.