Thursday, April 3, 2014


I am asking myself what am I chasing.

What am I chasing in this one life God has given me.

I have chased stuff, things, houses, even the organization of it all.

And people, family, those I love.

I've chased activity, busyness, tasks, accomplishments, to be the best.

And I've chased admiration, accolades and applause. Not outrightly, but inwardly.

But I'm not done yet....there's more.  The chasing of peace, happiness, lightheartedness, grace. For my American Idol singer of choice to win. Now that I've opened up this box, I'm finding it's like Mary Poppin's bag with an unending supply of wants and needs to pull out.

I don't think there's anything wrong with any of these. When they're in their right spot. When the chasing of them is something other than my life and for a purpose other than my own gain. Other than my focus. Other than my quest for fulfillment, because they won't. Ever. I've tried. They all have a hole in the bottom of their bag.

And in the chasing of things that never satisfy and leave me thirsty, I hear the voice of Jesus calling me to seek His face. That He has the water that will quench my thirst and the food that will really satisfy. That He has the words of life and the way for my feet to walk. His purpose. His pursuits. And then I am given His joy, His peace, His unending love. Not because I've done anything but because of who He is.

Jesus says He is the Way. He says He is the Truth. He says He is the Life. And I believe He is who He says He is, and not a liar & lunatic (my two options when I think about all He claimed).

That leaves my heart chasing....God alone. God's face. God's way. God's truth. God's life.
And I am satisfied, quenched, filled, at peace, grateful. Oh so grateful.